Saturday, September 4, 2010

Coming Back

    As you all know, from my last post, I recently set myself upon a great adventure into the vast U.P. of Michigan. Upon my return I ceased updating of this blog temporarily due to the disheartening number of views it received while I was gone. I personally struggle with sitting in front of a computer and devoting time to writing content that (sometimes) it seems no one cares about. However, I decided that I would continue writing once the views hit one hundred, and I am happy to say that they have, as well as I had my first three google hits just the other day! People are reading my website, guys!
    I will be releasing the results and insight of my adventurous journey to you all as a story and guide to frugality, travel, and fun. I will aim to make the reading fun, informative, and worthwhile. So keep your eyes open for the upcoming three posts!

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