Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nine Eleven

It's raining here, as I sit typing for all the world to see. I wonder: how many people were doing just the same thing nine years ago today when those planes hit their buildings? You all know what needs to be said, but I'll say it anyways.

Here's to those who died that day,
And here's to the wars we fight,
Here's to death,
May we all die for something worth fighting for.


  1. Listen bro, your 9/11 speech was heartwarming and everything, but when are you going to wake up?

    The wars that American troops are fighting have absolutely nothing to do with planes hitting buildings. That's simply a cover story, as most explanations for conflict usually are. You and the majority of your population have been brainwashed, just like the Germans were brainwashed before WW2.

    The official reason that you were given for the twin towers' collapse on 9/11 violates Occam's Razor, causality, Newtonian mechanics (specifically f=ma), the laws of statistical probability, common sense, all other previous records of similar incidents (of which there are many), and the incendiary residue found by Professor Niels Harrit's forensic team.

    It's probably worthless telling you this of course. You won't be able to see past the lies and nationalist propaganda you are brainwashed with on a daily basis. Still, I thought I'd have a go anyway.

    There is no credible evidence linking either Afghanistan, Iraq, Saddam Hussein, The Taliban or Osama Bin Laden to the 9/11 attacks. The proof of this is screamingly obvious because no criminal trial has ever taken place over 9/11. In fact, a Dutch TV show ran a mock trial in which two US prosecutors attempted a conviction against Osama and they were both laughed off the programme. The video which US troops conveniently "happened to find" showing "Bin Laden" confessing was discovered one week after the UN began to seriously question the US story. The man in the video is clearly not Osama Bin Laden, whoever it is speaks in nothing more than a whisper, and the entire translation was provided by the Bush Administration.

    You have been conned, and it can happen to the best of us. But if you continue to be conned from this moment on then you are stupid. History will remember you as a victim of social conditioning, just like it remembers the Germans.


  2. It's unfortunate that this was posted anonymously, and I apologize for taking so long to reply. Part of that "poetry" at the end was well disguised cynicism aimed at the wars that America started over 9/11. You seem like a stimulating intellectual. If you ever see this response, feel free to reply!

    Best Wishes.


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