Monday, September 6, 2010

Letter in a Bottle.

    As a little boy, and even now at 19, I would hope as I walked along the beach that I would come across an old bottle with a letter inside that would lead me on some great adventure. At this point in my life I have yet to come across any such thing. However, I realized that I have the means to make that happen for some one else. So, pulling out my trusty typewriter and a glass coke bottle I set to work. It was only after I had written "Dear," that I figured out I had no clue what to say next. Writing a meaningful letter is hard enough when you know the receiver, thus writing one to a stranger was going to be a challenge.
    With nothing better to say, I explained this conundrum to the reader and went on to simply give some words of wisdom I thought any person, of any age, could benefit from. Boiling it all down, the message was:
"Don't forget the good times, don't forget about the sunrise at the end of every dark, lonely night. When all before and behind you is dark and depressing know that the good times are just hiding below the surface, dig just a little and you will smile again."
    I was once again stumped as to how to end. Sign the letter, or leaving it with nothing but "Sincerely," and a blank where a name should be? I have heard of people signing and giving out contact information so that the recever can get in touch, perhaps become pen-palls with a true stranger. Wishing to send out more, and keeping with the mystery behind a bottled message, I signed it under the name "Sub Rosa" (Latin for 'under the rose' or 'secret').

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