Friday, September 17, 2010

How to Find Adventure in Anything

Find Adventure in Anything
    There's really one big key to this one. It does, however, vary greatly from person to person. Really what it takes is the correct mindset. How to get yourself in this mindset is up to you. It may take some time and practice if you are not naturally outgoing and spontaneous. Several personality traits that help proliferate adventure are listed here:
  1. Outgoing
  2. Spontaneous
  3. Willingness to break or "bend" rules
  4. Ability to really SEE the world around you
  5. Curiosity
    While these are, in no way, all of the traits one might find in an adventurous soul, they are some of the most necessary. For instance, in order to find adventure in every day, one must be willing to flirt with the fine lines of rules. Perhaps while walking along one day you notice a back maintenance door hanging open and obviously uninhabited. Perhaps it would be okay to go and explore what is behind that door. After all, you walk by it every day. Don't you ever wonder what's back there?
    Adventure Games:
    Roof Game.
    Another good pastime to help inspire adventure in an urban setting would be as such: play a game with yourself. Perhaps the goal of your game would be to get on the roof of the nearest building you can. Then look around, walk to the nearest building, and try to get onto its roof any way you can.
    Exploration Game.
    A less lucrative goal might be to explore every accessible part of a building or set of buildings: such as a college campus between classes. Go somewhere you haven't been and see what's there! You might even stumble across something useful (like the college library).
    Picture Game.
    Try to find the best place to photograph the sunset. This can be urban or rural. Go to the closest hill and take a picture through the trees. Sit on a mountain cliff near home and photograph the sunset. Go stand on the beach and take a picture as it sets behind the endless waters. Be creative and make a compilation, once you've decided on your favorite place to photograph the sunset... go find a new place to try!

    Submit your best adventure idea by leaving a comment on this post!

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