Sunday, August 22, 2010


    I'm writing this on a Thursday night to give all of my faithful readers something to occupy them while I'm off adventuring for the next week. I leave Saturday to take a trip up to Black Iron Days in Grayling, MI , come visit me! Then for the next four days I will be traveling the state with only one other solid destination. My friend and I plan to revisit our ending destination for our spring-break backpacking trip in order to purchase a set of Magic The Gathering playing cards and bum around on the beach of Lake Huron for a day. I've never played the card game, but it looks neat. So here's to new adventures; CHEERS! Since I doubt you all want to read about what I plan to do, I'll save my words for later and write a few posts about the adventures that I experience after I get home. I hope you all have adventure planned for the weekend!

Seek Adventure,

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