Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A beginning and a disturbance.

I know this is not on the same lines as Kc's primitive firearms post, but i thought it was worth saying.
Over the past few days i have asked some friends what they liked more, a sunset or a sunrise. not surprisingly the most common reply was sunset. when asked why they would say something along the lines of "I don't like wakeing up early." understandable i think, but no reason to miss something as beautiful as a sunrise. for that reason i woke up at 6:15 this morning to watch the day start with the rising sun. a desision i did not regret.
sitting on the back porch in my bath robe with a cup of coffee watching the sunrise was something, i realized, that i have had the chance to do just about every day of my life, but failed to really do until now. of course i had seen a sunrise before, i have seen a sun rise in the mountains of North Carolina surrounded by some of my best friends. i have seen it rise over a lake with a friend i have made just recently. i have seen in float above the cars in the parking lot at Meijer, over the trees while camping in a forest. but there was a classic feeling this morning, a feeling that could have only been more complete if i had been wearing pink bunny slippers (something i unfortunately don't own).
as tiered as i was i sat there and watched the gray turn to blue, to pink, to orange, to red, then to the blinding gold of the sun its self. there, in the morning's presence i felt like i did not belong. as much as i wanted to walk towards the horizon and be part of the scenery, i would not fit in. no matter how i acted, no matter how i was dressed, i would never be a part of that beautiful sight, just an observer. something i must accept, i realized, as i rose to walk back inside for a second cup of joe and breakfast.
i had seen the beginning of the day, the birth of the sun. now if i could only live through the day and watch the sun go back down. then i could retire a content man, a happy man, a fulfilled man.

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