Thursday, August 19, 2010

Adventure By Bicycle

    While this is definitely a small scale adventure, it works for me on a regular basis. Since I don't always have the time or motivation to get out and do a new adventure, I've found an old standby (one of many) that often works. This activity will always either satisfy my need for an adventure, or create new cravings, thoughts, or ideas. It's often good to help calm the mind and soul and just relax a little bit. Okay, so quite a long-winded buildup for this simple activity. A simple bicycle ride through the new subdivision across from my house in the country, the roads here wind lazily through happy new homes with active families just moving in around lake front property. I find the atmosphere somewhat enjoyable though also sometimes revolting when my mind wanders to the idea of urban sprawl and what the land here would've once looked like. Back on topic though! This next step is the most important. Just riding one's bike often isn't enough to stir the adventurous spirit, it is entirely necessary to listen to some of your favorite songs or bands while doing this as the music will help be a catalyst for the creation of ideas and the calming of the mind. Try riding your bicycle at a lazy pace down quiet streets while listening to inspiring music next time you're bored. I bet the adventure bug will bite!

Seek Adventure,

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