Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Air of Adventure

    Summer time is beginning to end. I don't need a clock, a calendar, or a weatherman to tell me this. I can feel it in the wind, see it in woods, and smell it in the air. The night time temperatures are plummeting low enough for me to be excited to open my windows at night and, while this is most likely a temporary weather pattern, it is also the harbinger of autumn. Enjoy this change of weather, appreciate it, spend time in the wilderness with it and learn to love the Air of Autumn.
    Autumn is my personal favorite season. The mosquitoes are at a low, the woods is a pleasant cool temperature just right for a thin long sleeve camo. That's right, Squirrel Season begins on September 15th here in Michigan. You can bet that I will be heading into the woods with my loaded .17 HMR (or maybe the old 10/22). If shooting lead isn't your thing, then by all means use the changing of the seasons to shoot pictures. Fall is also primo time for backpacking, as the temperatures, bugs, and atmosphere are generally aligned so as to make a most impressive experience in the woods. This would also be a good time for me to bust out my (unfortunately) little used Kayak and go find an adventure on the water.
    I look forward to a road trip adventure into the northern Lower Peninsula this weekend and beginning of the upcoming week. Expect to hear advice and ideas generated from my adventure that I think will pertain to all of you out there. Most importantly, don't keep putting off that adventure. If you're looking to go and find an action experience in the woods, on the road, or just in the back yard now is the time to do it. Don't keep putting it off because a good adventure will give you a lift of spirit that just can't be matched any other way. Take the time now to seek adventure in the fall.


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