Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bringing Back the Classics

Climbing the Courthouse
    This evening, I spent a lazy hour strolling around downtown with a friend. I climbed up to the second story of the county seat/courthouse, risking the smalltown billies. We got some ice cream and sat on the steps of the closed post office as the county fair traffic rolled past. I had no desire to visit the polluted, alcohol-smelling, over populated cage of humanity (the fair) so watching the traffic sufficed to fill my head with dreams. I like to imagine that sitting on the post office steps is a move right out of the 50's. There's a spirit of adventure that died with the classic America, a kind of spirit we can now only experience vicariously through the cast of Happy Days. There's certainly nothing wrong with trying to get some of that greased hair and leather jacket style back, though. And no, I don't mean literally buying a leather jacket and greasing your hair.
    It's all about the mood, the feel, the moment. Finding adventure is what happens in real life that inspire the kind of scenes movie directors die for. Think of some impressionable movie scenes, or your favorite TV show. Those are what I'm shooting for here. No, you're not a poser for living from movie scenes. There's an adventure tied into the local baseball diamond for all of us (The Sandlot). Don't tell me you didn't go practice with a wodden Samurai sword (bokken) on a hill in the setting sun after watching The Last Samurai. There's certainly something about walking train tracks that livens up the restless spirit in all of us (Stand By Me). Besides, who doesn't connect to the vibe in That 70's Show, or Happy Days. While we're kicking it old-school why not kick around a Breakfest Club referance? All of these, and countless more, inspire the adventure that comes with just shootin' the breeze in every day life. And there's a romantic ideal hiding somewhere behind eating ice cream on the steps of the abandoned post office as the last rays of the setting sun bathe you in warmth.

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