Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beyond Survival: Les Stroud

    Friday, August 27th 2010 at 10pm marks the premier of Les Stroud's new Discovery channel TV series: Beyond Survival. Yes, you can bet I will be canceling all of my plans to catch the premier. Apparently this show has been created around the idea that the indigenous peoples of different cultures around the world are the last true masters of survival. I suppose this is most likely true, or at least pretty close to the truth. As long as they can show me how to survive better than Bear Grylls, I'll be satisfied.
    Hints of his new show have been leaking out since the end of Survivorman Season: 3 which, by the way, was his best season of all. It truly makes me sad that we won't be seeing any more Survivorman. Although imperfect, that show was engaging and educational. The first real survival show out there, and I respect Les all the more that he pioneered it into the mainstream. I have mixed feelings about watching the indigenous peoples and their cultures and rituals as Les has made it clear that the culture of these societies will be featured on the show. While I maintain a healthy respect for native culture, it's never been something that interests me to learn about on film. Hopefully the new show will preserve all the best of Survivorman and roll it into a new package. We will all find out in two weeks.
    Keep in touch with Les, yes I have a man-crush on Les more than most people. However, his stuff is quality and engaging. Here are a couple links:

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Les Stroud's Official Site
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