Thursday, January 27, 2011

Les Stroud Divorce

I am a huge Les Stroud supporter, and I have recently noticed a search trend showing googlers looking up things like "Les Stroud Died" and "Les Stourd Divorce".

Les Stroud (Survivorman) is not dead!
He just released the Temagami in association with Helle. There is absolutely no reason to believe he is in anything but fine health. (Unless he has Giardia again).

Les Stroud is Divorced!
I originally believed Les Stroud was not divorced. A reader pointed me to his personal blog where a tiny entry is the only mention of his "separation" that I can find on the net. Les Stroud is, in fact, no longer married.

That's your Stroud News Update for the day. Get out there and adventure!


  1. I'm definitely a Les Stroud guy! I respect the man a lot (but I don't take an interest in his personal life). :-)

    Since I don't watch TV that often, I haven't seen his show in a while...

  2. I don't really take a stance in his personal life either, that's his to do with what he pleases. It's silly that people think he's dead or divorced though. I really wonder where these rumors get started? He stopped producing Survivorman episodes after season 3, so don't expect any new Survivorman material. Thanks for the comment!

  3. He IS going through a separation, which pretty much leads to divorce. so yeah, why don't you read about it on his website and get your facts correct. quote from site ( "his personal life almost clear of a nasty separation"

  4. Good catch on that. I will repost with this link and new information.

  5. that what the entire show is about...his and pie boys personal lives.

  6. separation n divorce...
    now that requires totally different set of Survival tactics. ;)

  7. i just think that les stroud is the best thing i have ever ever come across on the tv and even the reruns that i cant stop watching the happiness it brings me is so special to me and he has been blessed and has been a blessing to me.his friend kjchopik.

  8. The bad link has been removed. Come join me at for the most current content!

  9. Enjoy the man's knowledge and respect his teaching! But leave his damn personal life out of it! That's why its called PERSONAL!!


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