Monday, February 7, 2011

Survival Rule of the Day

The rule of threes:

3 minutes without air
3 hours without shelter
3 days without water
3 weeks without food

These are very general estimates but what they do convey accurately is the order in which one needs to acquire each of the essential survival necessities. The rule I'm going to discuss today is concerning water.

If you've gone several days without water, but are finding plenty to eat then do not eat! Your body needs water to digest food and without a source of fresh water to hydrate your body, you will speed up the process of dehydration by eating. You're going to die of dehydration well before you succumb to starvation.

Survival Rule of the Day:
No water? No food.

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  1. I never stopped to think about needing water to produce digestive fluids. Great article! As a matter of fact, I find your whole blog entertaining.
    Adventure Life Blog is Nature Site of the Week at Nature Center Magazine.

    Emma Springfield


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