Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Best Android Outdoor Apps

Everybody's heard of the Android smart phones. If you're an hiker, biker, backpacker or any kind of outdoor traveler these phones can do work for you. You no longer need a stand-alone GPS since most smart phones have on-board GPS systems. They also, generally, can give turn-by-turn directions to any location on Google Maps. The possibilities are endless!

Maybe you're like me and having something to quantify your adventures is appealing. I like to be able to share my adventures with friends, and to be able to look back on my recent exploits. I tend to get down on myself about not being outdoor enough but having recorded tracks of y outdoor activities reminds me, "Hey, you were out hiking just the other day... for 6.7 miles at 2.98 mph average... etc." It's kinda fun.

Here's a list of my favorite Android Outdoor Apps:

1. Endomondo
Endomondo QR code
    This app is fun! It can track your activities, record a map, keep averages and statistical data and then upload it to Facebook as soon as you're done. Then you can show all your friends how much better you are at mountain biking than they are. Booyah! The pro-version of this app has a personal coach which will provide you with all the vocal encouragement you need to beat your previous run, hike, or bike time. Also very fun. Endomondo can be a little inaccurate in speed statistics sometimes, that's really its only drawback. Download here.

2. My Tracks
My Tracks QR code
    This app is more functional than Endomondo but a little less user friendly. It's not as easy as Endomondo to upload to social networking sites. However, it does track your activities using GPS for distance, elevation, speed, averages, etc. It provides more accurate overall statistics (Endomondo has shown me going over 20 mph on cross country skis!).

3. Trimble Outdoors
Trimble QR code
    This one doesn't come in the "free" version and, you know me, that means I haven't tried it. As far as I'm concerned the other two apps have got all my needs covered and they're free so why pay more? Trimble does look like a nice app, though. If any of you have used it and want to put up a review either comment or email me. I'll be happy to check it out!

4. c:geo ~ geocaching for Android
C:geo QR Code
    You've probably heard of geocaching. It's a GPS guided outdoor hide and seek game where you're seeking hidden boxes in the woods filled with random items. Really quite childish and simple yet highly entertaining! is the "official" geocaching website, although they don't in any way "own" the activity. They simply have assembled the largest and most user friendly database of geocache locations. With an Android smartphone, one can simply download c:geo and access this database for free! The GPS on c:geo isn't very accurate but for free... I like it. asks for $30 a year to access their database. With c:geo it's free... I know this seems like a scam, but I don't ask questions and everybody's happy. Got it? You can sort caches by their proximity to you and they are very commonly found in cities. Great urban adventure!

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  1. I love internet, I love technology and the way it enhances our lives but... I don't own a smart phone yet. :-)

    To be honest, I'm kinda scared that if I buy one I'll become addicted. So I'll try to stay away from them until they become the only type of phone available.


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