Monday, February 21, 2011

Giveacar Motorcycle Donation Program | United Kingdom

This is a guest post by Daniel Frank, Marketing Executive at Giveacar Ltd. He knows we like our motorcycles here at the Adventure Lifestyle Blog. :)

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Motorcycles have always appealed to adventurers, offering a freedom and independence that even cars can’t match, as well of course as that all important rebel image. However as outdoor enthusiasts we must also respect and look after the environment and disposing of your motorcycle environmentally once it has reached the end of its life can be challenging. Like cars motorcycles are full of toxic chemicals that are hazardous to environment, such as oil, brake fluid and petrol.

If you want to dispose of your motorcycle then you need to find a reliable
scrap yard that will depollute your bike before recycling it. There are scrap merchants out there, which will put unsafe bikes back on the road, or just strip them for parts and leave them to rot. In contrast a proper junkyard will recycle everything it can and ensure that everything else is properly disposed of.

So the challenge for motorcycle owners is to find an environmental way dispose of them. One quick and simple solution is to donate them to charity. In the US there are a number of charities, which will accept them of which the most famous is probably Teddy Bear Cops, though they are far from the only ones. You’ll even get a tax cut for doing so. In the UK, in contrast, Giveacar has recently extended its innovative car donation program to include motorcycles.

It may not be the most adventurous thing you can do with a motorbike but donation is surely the best option when it comes to giving your beloved bike a good sendoff both ethically and environmentally. And what’s more it works for scrap cars and trucks as well!

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