Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vibram Five Fingers What's Your Story?

Barefoot running is an exploding new fad and people love Vibram Five Fingers shoes as a "transition" shoe. They are minimally padded, very minimally insulated, and very form fitting. In fact, I recently got my own pair of Vibram Five Finger KSO (Keep Stuff Out). So far, I love them! It's so nice to break the norm and have something new on your feet. It feels free.

The thin sole and minimal material present in the shoe make it very light and able to follow the curvature of the ground perfectly. I really like being able to feel the flow of what I'm standing on, that way there's no balance surprises. But this isn't a Vibram Five Fingers KSO review, that will come later, right now what I want to know is, why do you wear Vibram Five Fingers? Is it just because all the "cool" runners are doing it now, or do you have your own Vibram Five Fingers story? Here's my story, and I hope you'll post yours too if you have a pair. If not, leave a comment and tell us what you think about the Five Finger trend and the barefoot running revolution.

I bought the Vibram Five Fingers KSO because I like to break the norm. They look fun and new so naturally they caught my attention. With all of my outdoor work, I thought it would be worth my time to try them and see if they work for me. I'm most excited to try them on the slackline as soon as the weather warms up! The smooth sole and very grippy rubber on the KSO, along with its ability to form to the object one is standing on should make them great shoes for the line! I'll also be interested to try them for some spring and summer running to see if this hype is really worth it. Who knows, I bet they'll make good kayaking shoes, too! And you better believe I'll be taking them climbing at some point!

We want to hear your Vibram Five Fingers story!


  1. I have not tried them out, but i hear everyone talking about them all the time. My wife works in a outdoor gear store, they cant keep them in stock. Wonder how they would work for fly fishing...

  2. i like five finger vibrams better ,let's go to to have a see.

  3. I didn't have my own fivefinger shoes, because i thought they were a little expensive. But a friend of mine kept telling me how good of Vibram Fivefingers, and i was quiet curious. So i bought one pair last week, and i found it worth the money.

  4. I like the style of this site, keep it up!Also welcome to share vibrams.

  5. My wife and I love Vibram Five Fingers and were been hooked since putting on our first pair over a year ago. My wife described the experience as a "toe orgasm." I've discovered that KSO's are THE PERFECT SCUBA FOOTWEAR! VibramFiveFingers allow me the full use of my toes when inside my dive fins. Between dives, they are the BEST WATER SHOES EVER CREATED, no competetion! My feet actually articulate now and no longer get "tired" from diving all day...these shoes have been a true blessing to our SCUBA adventures...

    geo and tami


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