Monday, March 14, 2011

Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS) Promo Code

One of the coolest things about blogging is the networking. I absolutely love getting email from people who find my blog interesting and outdoors people with similar interests and goals. The Boulder Outdoor Survival School is one of those people. I truly feel humbled to be approached by great companies and organizations and I feel honored to help out anyone in the outdoor education world. That being said, let me introduce to you the Boulder Outdoor Survival School.

BOSS, the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, is the oldest and largest survival school in the world (website), based in southern Utah since 1968. Courses range from 3 to 28 days long and teach a wide range of wilderness skills. What sets BOSS apart from other programs, however, is their dedication to “primitive technologies” — teaching people how to enter the wilderness with a minimal amount of modern gear. Instead of backpacks, sleeping bags and tents, course participants sleep in wool blankets and ponchos. Fires are made by friction (rubbing sticks together) rather than with matches. The curriculum highlights the wisdom and skills of traditional cultures, inviting people to step back in time and re-connect with nature and themselves. It’s an incredible empowering program.
~Juliet, BOSS Community Manager
On the BOSS website, you'll find all the information you might need including a mission statement that even Thoreau would appreciate. "At BOSS, we believe there is power in the "Old Ways" of walking lightly through the wilderness, and we believe that power is accessible to everyone."

BOSS instructors have learning backgrounds from all around the world. Countries such as Malaysia and Thailand are places where BOSS instructors have learned aboriginal survival skills. This is starting to sound a little like Les Stroud's new "Beyond Survival" show. These instructors work to bring "back to basics" skills to their students and reinforce a natural appreciation for ecological impact and environmental preservation.

To kick off their new website, the Boulder Outdoor Survival School is offering a limited time 10% discount on this year's courses (excluding the Slidrock Gathering). Use this special Boulder Outdoor Survival School Promo Code to get your 10% discount.

Enter Promo Code: "BOSSadventure10"

You can also read more about BOSS on their main website (, on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Have questions about BOSS? Chances are, the Boulder Outdoor Survival School's FAQ's will answer those!


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