Pisgah Ntnl Forest, 2008

Adventure Lifestyle Blog is owned and operated by Casey Fiedler. I created this blog in August of 2010 while I worked as a Naturalist at a Nature Day Camp. On 2/8/11 Adventure Lifestyle Blog became Nature Center Magazine's Nature Site of the Week. I am an outdoor enthusiast and modern day adventurer, seeking new frontiers in the contemporary world. Every day is an adventure for me as I pursue my dreams and goals and I hope to bring that to this site.
Red River Gorge, KY 2008

My favorite outdoor activities include backpacking, hiking, cross country skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, slacklining, survival, and woodscraft, among others. I am a blacksmith and woodworker. My interests are mainly in primitive woodworking and hand crafting techniques. I have a personal interest in wilderness survival skills fostered almost entirely by Les Stroud thanks to his show Survivorman, he is a personal hero. My interest in survival landed me in Wilderness Survival Techniques, and Wild Edible Plants courses at Lansing Community College which provided me with a sold foundation in these areas.

'03 Yamaha YZF600R
I like to tinker with mechanics on my off time so you will see some articles on here involving DIY modifications or creations. I love fantasy books and good role-playing games. Motorcyces are a passion, particulary sport bikes. I am a member of the Michigan State University Outdoor Club and profit from their orgaization and insight. Backpacking the Triple Crown (AT, PCT, CDT) is on my bucket list and I'm hoping to see it done sooner, rather than later. I like to do my adventuring frugally because it is a cool word, but mostly due to the fact that I have very little spare money.

Waterloo Recreation Area, 2009
I enjoy writing on outdoor topics and adventure advice because they are my passions. I ask my readers to be interactive on my site, leave comments and contact me. Blogging is all about the interaction of the reader base and the general community and I encourage you to do so.

Blue Ridge Mtns, pkwy in the background.

Questions? Comments? Contact me.

Casey Fiedler

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  1. Hey Casey!

    I saw your picture from Edinburgh and I remembered the fierce wind I experienced on the top of that hill when I was there in 2007. :-) It blew me away, literally. I had to stay as low as possible, and I was holding on that concrete block that's up there.

    If Scotland has something in abundance then is high quality wind. :-)



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