Monday, August 15, 2011

Nature Macro Photography in Mid-Michigan

This is a guest post from Sue St. Charles, a Mid-Michigan photographer. Check out her website or email her.

I have loved nature photography for over 30 years and have found the subjects in mid-Michigan to be endless... Enjoy!



  1. Sue St Charles' website is under development and should be completed in the next 2 weeks. The subjects on Kc's blog were all taken in Mason, MI...The first picture of a chive flower, the Picker woodpecker and the berries were all taken in my backyard with a Nikon zoom lens, preferably in the late afternoon when the sun is much lower in the sky. The ice was found along Hayhoe Riverwalk and there were many shapes formed by the moving river. The mushroom was found along with many other fungi species along the trail in Rayner park in the spring. I have found the early spring to be a photographer's dream as the leaves have not obscured the birds, fungus and animals that roam through the numerous parks in Mason. The Cedar Waxwing bird was found in abundance in the summer flocking around the berry trees in Raynor park. My 70-300mm zoom lens is used as it sharpens the main object while blurring the background creating a nice effect. Thanks Kc~~Sue St Charles

  2. You have done a wonderful job Sue. We are quite proud of you! One can really tell you love your camera! Sherri and Bob


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