Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Dual Survival" on Discovery, Funny and Informative...

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Ok, so what is the big deal with just another survival show in the Discovery Channel? Can you really get any better then Man vs. Wild and SurvivorMan? Well, if you haven't had a chance to catch the show "Dual Survival" on the Discovery Channel you really need to put that on your list. Just ask your wife if she will let you stay up late one night this week. Before you think "yeah right" if you have seen one survival show you have seen them all, just people trying to start a fire with sticks and sleep in hand made shelters. Any self respecting survival show would no doubt include these outdoors men essentials, but this show has a little bit more.
A little run down of Dual Survival. The show has two stars, Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury who tackle the great outdoors together as a team. These two guys are farther apart in their survival techniques and general lifestyle then you can imagine, but at the same time very good friends with plenty of humor. Cody Lundin is what you would call a minimalist and survival expert that uses primitive techniques. The best part of the show is that Cody actually attempts all situations without's very hilarious, especially when he walks on lava rock or on some cactus. It might sound mean, but trust me it's worth the watch. Dave Canterbury is more of your typical camo wearing American outdoors man. He's a tuff looking character with a big knife, what else do you want to know.

One thing I want to stress about this show is that it does seem to have a different tone then most other survival shows, and I watch them all. The two stars of this show have such a different view on survival with Cody wearing no shoes and Dave being so macho, that it is hard not to laugh at the situations and humor that comes through in every episodes. With all that said, this show is an awesome way to learn outdoor survival skills. Unlike other survival shows with just one person there is something about having two people working together and displaying techniques that seems to make the lessons come across clear, and make them easy to understand. I would recommend this show to any and every outdoors person, I think you will find it entertaining and informative. Have you seen this show? Do you like it, do you learn anything from it? How does it rate against all the rest of the survival shows out there?

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  1. Yup.. seen the show and love it. I like it waaay better than Man vs. Wild where he is irresponsible and wreckless in the bush. Of course, having said that, Survivorman is the King in the bush.


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