Friday, January 28, 2011

Überlight Drysacks

Have you thought about using waterproof stuff sacks in your backpack? If you're an ultralighter, or even remotely concerned about your pack weight then you've probably dismissed drysacks since they add extra weight with little additional value. It's really simpler to just use a single liner to keep the whole contents of your pack dry, cheaper and lighter.

Having individual stuff sacks would be nice for organization and keeping individual items dry in your pack if it must be opened in adverse weather. Finally it looks like there are dry sacks that might be worth their added weight. Which is a real achievement when every ounce has to count. Granite Gear is a company that I've seen some pretty impressive products from recently. The Überlight Drysacks are see through, which makes it awesome to keep yourself organized.

Their Event Überlight Drysacks are similar except they have Event fabric on the bottom, a one-way vapor barrier that allows the dry sacks to remain flexible, waterproof, but also compressible. Just seal the stuffsack, and compress your clothes inside it. No wasted space storing air in your drysack.

For half the weight of nylon drysacks, and three times the strength according to their website, you can get the Überlight Drysacks. Only 3/4 of an ounce of material in a 18L drysack. Very impressive if you ask me. So next time you're out adventuring in the rain, keep organized and dry by investing in some of these innovative buggers.

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